Saturday, August 28, 2010

Introduction - I'm on, are you?

In this introduction, we will be exploring the feeling of love. We won't go into deep stuff yet. We'll just touch the surface and try to identify the symptoms or rather, the effects of love in our life.
One of our favourite terms that we use when we ask whether so and so are dating is "on"

"Deypa dah on kah belum?"
"Ta gen ta on le ma?"
"Wait, you mean the both of them are on?"
"[no idea how to write in Tamil. If you do, teach me =)]"

Yes folks. On is our all time favourite when we talk about relationships. And not just any relationship, but bg-gf relationships.

It's exciting isn't it? To be "on" with someone. The first feeling you get when you know that the girl (or guy) of your dreams also has a crush on you is literally OMG! You go "wow" and "ooh" and "aah" and if it comes in a text, you don't really know what to reply in the 1st few minutes. If she (or he) tells you over one of your many phone calls, you usually go speechless for the 1st few moments.

A hot feeling comes over you. You break into cold sweat, your heart starts beating so fast and SO VERY LOUD you can hear it as if it's behind your ears. Your blood starts pumping. You feel weak. You feel strong. You feel all the opposites at the same time.

It's kinda ironic how all these "symptoms" match up with malaria right? Haha

Yes friends. Ini semua saya pun pernah rasa lah. It's not news.

But its exhilarating isn't it? It's as though new life has been put in you. You want to scream into the air at this new emotion. This new feeling. This new found thing that people call love, but you don't really care, cause it's just too awesome to understand, and you'd rather be doped than stand there and try to figure it out.

And I'm not exaggerating, because that is what love does to you. To us all. Love makes us feel brand new. Wanted. Appreciated. Love makes us feel, well, simply loved.

And we want it. We desire it. Some of us crave it. We want the attention that love brings. We want to feel the adrenaline rush and that overwhelming feeling.

We see couples almost everywhere we go. Hands held, hugged bodies and kissing lips. Although most of the time it is an eyesore to single people (yes it is!), you've gotta admit there are couples you see that make you go "awwwwh".

When we first hear that our crush crushes us back, the next thing we want to do is to hook up. Naturally. OBVIOUSLY! Why, what numbskull won't want to be together with the girl he likes? The girl he has been vying for, trying to get her attention. Which idiot makes a fool out of himself to woo a girl, gets the girl and friggin' turns her down? That brother is outta his mind!

And so, we "on" la. Macam lampu tau? You boleh kasih switch "on". Jangan sesekali terswitch "off" tau?!

In an era where life is getting more and more competitive and success is viewed by how many assets you have, more and more youngsters are getting involved at an earlier age. The "on" phenomenon is not just happening in our country. It's global. Or as Barney Stinson puts it, "It's a freaking epidemic"!

The urge to get in a relationship can be overwhelming sometimes. Hard to control. And we want to get in the game as fast as we can. The hormones we have push us to go for it and if we're lucky, we get on that train. And if we're not, well better luck next time.

So after all things being said, what is this love that makes us want to be with someone? That makes us do things we would never do on a normal basis? What is love about?

What is love?

Stay tuned and find out more in Chapter 1 - What is Love?

Much Love,

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