Saturday, August 28, 2010

Dear Dr. Pornthip..

Here is the link to TBH's inquest videos. You will start by laughing, and you will end up crying.

Sometimes I wonder, what does Dr. Pornthip think of us Malaysians? I mean like seriously! She is trying to fight for justice and here comes a lawyer who can't even speak English properly. ARRGGH!! I really feel like cursing! I really do. The loyar buruk should go out and hang himself with his own tie!

I am so sad la. This nation arh. Is going to the dumps. It really is.

50 years ago, we could have saved our own butts. 50 years ago, if our leaders followed through the vision of Dato Onn and our forefathers, we could save this nation.

Now, only God can save us.


Dear Dr. Pornthip,

I'm so sorry Dr. Pornthip. I apologize on behalf of my accussing, my lying and my *censored* countrymen. I'm so sorry that they have been trying to drag your name through the dirt and trying to discredit, when all you are trying to do is fight for justice.

You can probably call this the Malaysian way. We lie to cover things up. We sell public belongings as if they are our own. We cheat our way through our exams, bribe our way through our problems and we blame the system for the injustice and unrighteousness.

I'm so sorry you have to endure this. Please, accept my apology on behalf of my country.

I believe what you say is true. And I hope that in your quest to fight for Justice and restore righteousness, that you will encounter the King of Justice and Righteousness Himself.

God bless you for your heart Dr. Pornthip. Thanks for enduring through all these things all this while. I am praying for your well being.

An Ashamed Patriot.

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