Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Alabaster Jar

Heart pulsing
Blood pumping
Trembling, she drew near

Did He, the prophet
the one they called the Christ
Did He know
of her many trangressions?

There was something about Him
A fire in His eyes
It made her fear yet long to draw near

As she entered the room
Holding her alabaster jar
She drew near

Tears in her eyes
She emptied her jar
and He looked
right in her eyes

Could He tell?
the longing and the struggles inside
the longing to start anew; afresh

As she broke her jar
at the feet of this man
she felt burning stares
all around

Heart pulsing
Blood pumping
Weeping as she washed His feet
with her tears

His gaze stays fixed
saying only "your sin is forgiven"
and giving her an endearing smile

From whence did this liberation come from?
O the freedom!

It is this man
this Christ they preached off
He took her burdens

She made her exit
after her presentation
knowing that she was cleansed once and for all

She stopped at the door
on her way out
and took a glance back

no matter what they said
this man, Jesus
had set her free

There is something about Him
A fire in His eyes
It makes me fear
yet long to draw near

I bring my alabaster jar
as the woman at Simon's house
knowing what lies ahead

I surrender
I rest
I wipe Your feet with my tears

Knowing that You are Love
You delight in showing me mercy
and desire for me to draw near

There is something about You Jesus
A fire in Your eyes
it makes me fear, yet long to draw near

so I come
with my alabaster jar

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