Monday, October 25, 2010

Death and all his friends..

Where do I start?

So much has been happening.

My Chinese Orchestra instructor passed away. I was not as close to him as I would have wanted to be. And now he is gone. I don't think it is wrong to say, I was one of his favourites In the Cello group. I still remember the funny and quirky things he would say during our practices.

I had his number in my handphone. I had his facebook. I knew where he was every Friday. But I never made that move to go and see him. To make an impact in his life, just as he had made in mine. And now he is gone.

And I know I won't see him again.

It may offend people if I say that he did not go to heaven because he wasn't a Christian. But that's not the main point of this blog. So please don't pick a fight with me over this.

What I am trying to say is, life is so fragile. One day you're here, one day you aren't. Nothing material is permanent. We are all temporal. The Psalmist said that our lives wither like grass. But God, God is eternal. His loving mercy, His good kindness, His grace and Being endures, forever and ever.

Folks, life is short.

Stop "reading people's diary". Stop "partying till 6am". You've only got one life to live. Make it count.

If you're Christian and you're reading this, the time is near. The Day is drawing near. The Day that we won't be able to do the things we have been called to do.

I didn't take the opportunity to share what I believed in with my Instructor. That is my one regret. That I did not live the life I am called to live for him to see how God plays the most vital role in my life.

If you're a non-Christian, pick up your phone, text that friend, call that person. Don't wait till it's too late. Release will only come when forgiveness goes out. Stop being angry over little petty issues.

You only live once. Don't party it away in idleness.
Make it count!

In loving memory of Ng SuKuang.
Signing off, MarcusDS

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